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Originally Posted by vpsporb View Post
Wow that is some very fancy flying there Eric!, most impressive. I hope to get to that skill level eventually.
I still have very low hours on mine, alot due to having to wait for spare parts.. but more time on my Quad will ease my skitishness on the sticks hopefully
and having a frame that I'm not scared of tumbling every now and then would be a big help too.
I was looking @that CF frame from GLB before... is it reccomended? I really like your frame mod... with the wooden braces it looks pretty bulllet-proof if it survived those tumbles into that freshly plowed ground!
What I don't like about mine is the glass-fibre frame, it really doesn't like impacts around the motor-mounts.
Thanks for posting any frame build photos if you can.
Thank you. Once I got past the first flip things started to improve rapidly. When starting out with this hobby one year ago the flying I do in that video was the kind of flying where I would watch it and say "I will NEVER be able to fly this thing like that". But eventually, you do...

I've added some photos. The carbon is more or less completely destroyed around some of the motor mounts after countless crashes (see image DSC01826). But it still holds out well. I ordered three frames so that I have quite a bit of spare parts.

I guess the wood stops a tiny bit of thrust, but as you can see from the video this small thing is more than angry enough. And the wood makes it much more sturdy, and it stops the flexing that the arms on this frame originally had.
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