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Originally Posted by desertstalker View Post
Need to get it below 33K or it wont liquify, no matter how much pressure you put it under. Very energy intensive process, the prototype H2 fuelled vehicles use highly compressed gaseous H2 as keeping it a liquid is a problem. If the container gets too hot it goes back to a gas and your storage container will burst, insulation works for a while, the reason the space shuttle tank was covered in foam, but not for the time needed if you use it for car fuel.
WoW .. well that explains why the guy I mentioned earlier, was storing H2 in a row of 1,000 gallon propane tanks, at a pressure that they are rated for as I recall. Certainly not liquefied. 33 Kelvin is damn cold. So even a remote pv powered H2 station would have limitations insofar as a reasonable storage capacity.

The SEER '91 vehicle used some substance in the tank that absorbed H2 at a greater density .. just too long ago to remember what is was .. but similar in concept to the chicken feather nano-carbon.

Generation .. storage .. distribution .. and user base .. many challenges. Thanks for de-simplifying the motors/pumps realities.
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