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Administration (shudder) of combat

This one's tough - you need a few champions to get things started and to keep them going. As someone who's found that any group larger than 3 is just chaos, I must say that you cannot underestimate how many deviations from a simple set of instructions you will have. First and foremost, it helps if you have some medium for communicating to everyone - for us our best bet is at the field, but that's tough because it takes away from your flying time, you still miss people, and then there's no record of what's said/done/etc. More than half of us aren't on facebook, and I got dismal response to the email I sent to everyone. So to the degree you can communicate, do. Once you have that, I'd be clear that you're getting the starting point out to people, but that they're in charge of handling basic things like their own battery connectors, and any soldering that has to happen, etc. I offered to solder connectors to ESCs if anyone needed it. You may also want to state that people should bench-check their equipment before installing, otherwise you can't handle any faulty/warranty issues.

I think this works best when one person orders all the parts. Shipping costs are shared, and it helps to ensure homogenity. You may even want to add a small margin for your time/headaches/returns/administration. I didn't, because I really wanted as many of these in as many hands as possible.

Also put together a list of tips/tricks/etc. and distribute it with the planes or via email etc. Also stress that EVERYONE is to follow the same parts list and rules (we've already gotten folks trying to use different batteries and motors!). For us, we had some sticky points around the following:

- Aileron Servo Horn placement - the plans call for them to be at a 45 degree angle - others suggest that they should be mounted more inboard. I decided to keep this open as it's easy and free to change them, and we could find the optimal placement easily. I think they work fine the way they are (and may even provide some aileron differential?), but I agree that I'm not a fan of how little servo travel is used.
- Prop - Works in progress for us - my only requirement is that it's a prop you can find locally.
- Moving servos/CG/servo extensions - the servos don't reach the RX compartment - some moved their servos, some mounted the RX further aft and to the side of the fuse

I also asked someone else to put together rules - this way it wasn't all on one person's back. There are lots of ideas out there, and looking to our RCGroups bretheren to chime in with simple formats to make this as easy as possible. Right now, we're at still flying and longest streamer wins. We're monkeying with streamer lengths, and haven't even run longer than 3' strings.
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