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You can usually get the fibre round the leading edge ok but you need to cut the fibre so the weave is at 45 degrees.
Cutting it at 45 is good for nearly everything as you don't get loose fibres falling off the edge of the cloth and it goes round corners much more easily.
If you do cover a wing with epoxy and cloth then try to do both sides at the same time as the slight shrinkage can distort it, and that would really ruin your day.
Some fibreglass is very soft and other types are a bit stiff so try and get the soft one if you want it to go round the LE.
I use a credit card for squeezing the resin around the wing. You need to do it twice normally as there will be some dry areas. Don't try to get a shiny finish with too much resin, it should look matt. take off as much resin as you can with the credit card or similar.
Start in the middle and work outwards.
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