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Originally Posted by A VIKING View Post
I had the same issue using any shear pin that was smaller than the hole in the mast and main gear. To much play will allow the pin to nail over while being sheared and that will damage the main gear each time until the main gear fails. A larger diameter copper shear pin that fits the hole will shear clean when needed and not damage the main gear. I have been using 18 gage copper wire that I spin in a Dremel between two flat diamond files until it's the proper diameter and just fits the mast hole with no play. Remove the copper wire from the Dremel and cut it to a length that will allow some of the pin to extend out of the main gear hole on both sides and push it in with your needle nose pliers, no need to bend either end over like you have done because it won't slide out now that it's the proper diameter.
Sinse I started making the pins this way I have never split a main gear.

That sounds like way too much of a pain. I'd think I'd rather just replace the gear? That sounds too time consuming and too much checking for size. I replace the sheer pin on these heli every day. I need something that is just going to fit. Reinforcing the gear hub would be easier. That only takes about 5 minutes and i never have to do it again. What your saying, i'd have to go through that whole process every day. Sometimes 2 and 3 times a day? It seems like you would have to do a lot of checking to make sure the diameter is small enough to fit too. So. grind, check, grind, check, ooops went to far! Seems very frustrating to me. The 0.032 aluminum stock was a better fit, but sheers WAY too easy under the load of these motors. I didn't see any 0.032 copper but they had brass. I might try that. Honestly though if someone offered me the right price on my D05, at this point i'd probably sell it. I'm tired of fighting the motor bog and lack of output on both v120s. It does good, Great even as far as learning goes. But there is only so much it is capable of. Anymore all of my crashes are because the battery couldn't keep up with either the wind or constant 3D or combination of the two. So i don't think i'll be looking for any more sheerpins. I just need to get into a precision professional machine, preferably bigger than a 250.
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