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Originally Posted by carr52 View Post
After looking through this thread to say I feel like I'm in over my head is an understatement. I would like to try my hand at building a simple quad. Are the esc's the same as the ones on my planes? From what I'm reading there are 4 parts. The motors, ESC's, Rx, controll board. Of course the battery and Tx but those are a given. Is there a simple setup I can try out? Thanks all.

That's about it, except for the frame you build from whatever you like. In the end it'll be exactly the same variety of components you might have had on a prebuilt quad, except for the frame of course. And you have to set up the flight controller and get all the various wires in the right place, but that's not really hard to do and you're going to learn it sooner or later.

Plus you have the folks on this forum to help you along. We were all beginners once.

Here's a good mix of components that I think works well:

4- DT750 motors
4- 10x4.5 slowfly props of the proper rotations (CW & CCW- two of each, but buy a bunch because you'll break some learning to fly)
4- 30 amp ESCs (RCTimer house brand or HobbyKing F-20)
1- HK v2.1 board (cheap, easy to setup) or the HK KK 2.0 boards (still cheap but more features and maybe not as easy to setup, but not hard, very popular right now)
1- 2200mah 30C 3s battery (you can start with one, but you'll probably want more- maybe you already have some)
Your homemade frame
Your RX and Tx

Those are the major components, but there are all sorts of nuts, bolts, wires, connectors and what not to complete it, but nothing difficult.

Here's a nice step by step tutorial on how to build a quad:

Don't even think about the FPV stuff- save it for later after you've learned to fly

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