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Originally Posted by hifinsword View Post
If you want something similar to the 120SR, look at the Nine Eagles 328A. It's a clone of the 120SR as far as I can tell. Following SaxGuy's lead I've replaced broken parts on my 120 with the 328A's parts. So far I'm using the canopy, main blades and mainframe. The holes for the landing skids need a little boring out to fit 120SR stock gear and the tabs under the 5-in-1 board have to be clipped off for it to fit the 120's board. Also the upper canopy mounts don't stick out as far as the stock 120's mainframe. The 328s are built-in plastic, not removable CF rods. The price is right if you can put together an order from Miracle-Mart to make up for the shipping cost.
I'm not sure the 328A would be what SR120fan is looking for. It does fly just like a 120--although better, IMHO. It still wouldn't be a good indoor heli, though, and it's drawback is that you have a lot more to keep in maintenance compared to like the mSR. It is more stable and it does fly better all around, and my combo of the Bell/Hiller swash and the DSM2 main board is the best of all FPs.
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