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Originally Posted by webbsolution View Post
hrm there are vast differneces between our linkage installations - mechanical advantages are different as well -

1) There is a dubious lack of clearance at full deflection in that shot. I can see the sub spar is actually touching the control linkage in the one picture. Thats sub optimal but I would have to be a fly on the wall to see if that was causing significant buzz vs a little centering here and there....

2) I actually clear out the sub spar with a hand file from top skin to bottom for total clearance and peace of mind where the clevis passes through. If the clevis's are contacting that sub spar during normal opperatio (flap to aileron coupling assumed here) you create way more heat on these little servos.

Let me post a picture of my 3.5 at max clearance - for good measure - this is an x2 3.5\8 center ection at full deflection which is less than 90 degrees (I see you have more deflection than I run but thats preference) I could set it up for 90 but I dont find it helpful but thats a different lesson in the LZ courtesy of Daryle Perkins...
Dave, what does your servo arm look like when you are at full flap? Is it laying totally flat so that the arm and linkage basically become collinear? I have been under the assumption that if that is the case then the servo is under less load at full flap since the load is basically being transferred from the gear to the output shaft itself.
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