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Thanks so much for your input guys. I agree air mass flow is imprtant to determine here, and I will run the math as soon as I get the chance. I also agree about the stalling comment.

More and more I am thinking I need to just sit down at Solidworks and pop out something that at a basic level is a 2 stage electrical axial compressor that is designed to produce an increase in pressure at the required pressure ratio and air mass flow. An EAC if you will.
Electrical Axial Compressor, powered by a single motor, with appropriate stator stages as well. Not with the goal of producing compression required for combustion mind you, just for pressurizing the air manifold in the jet air delivery ducting.

But as Odysis points out, centrifugal and positive displacement are also waiting to be explored. Maybe it will come down to what can pull it off at the lightest weight.

Perhaps I should just choose an arbitrary wingspan and an appropriate wing profile, and apply the methods in the reference paper(and several others I have as well) to determine slot width for 3/4 obstruction factor discrete jetting for that span and chord. Then I can calculate what mass flow will be required at that pressure ratio.

I am also neck deep in designing a ductwork design that can be easily built with foam and/or composites in a scale aircraft with a wingspan of around 6 feet, so I will just use that same wingspan. And of course, gotta keep ducting losses to a minimum.
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