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I found the first two 2835-3900KV motors I tried, worked beautifully, resulting in long flights, vertical climb capability, and components that did not overheat in my regular SS and Easystar. I detailed those results extensively, here and elsewhere, and did not demand that others "take my word for it", nor try to prevent them from expressing ideas contrary to mine. When somebody (and here I mean you) showed up and simply announced that 3900KV motors "wouldn't work" in such an application, of course I ignored it, and simply pointed out what these 3900KV motors had already done. I tend to take concrete results over unbacked assertions.
You still don't get it. In your Easystar application you were using 6 x 4 prop. On the SSS you used (just for luck?) a 3-blade 8 x 6, thinking it would "scale up". Those numbers might not sound very different to you but they are hugely different to the motor, which was why it drew way too much current. Experience flyers like Don know these things and tried to tell you but you ignored the advice. Absent experience there are analytical tools available on the Internet that would have told you the same thing had you bothered to look.
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