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thanks! ok...all batteries soldered...escs hooked up. adjusted escs test ran motors on 8s then installed the fans and ran them both on 12s without tail pipes so i could check motor yemps. i also left the escs uninstalled and i ran it up with the model on the stand so i really couldnt feel the thrust but it sounded awesome and there was lots of air blowing out. judging by the temps of the escs id say its pulling around 100~110a or about 10kw total. the escs are now installed with heat sinks in ducts. they are pretty far fwd of the fans so they shouldnt hurt thrust much. they will stay nice and cool in there. so next ill put tail pipes in and maybe test once more. the motors got warm but probably not over 130 deg or so. pretty safe. up next after tail pipesare the wing mounts and then figure out battery placement for cg. also.....i weighed it. lools like ill be right around 42-43 lbs. thank goodness its not more lol
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