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Originally Posted by fastfwd View Post
anytime the government has to help pay for something its due to it being a bad idea.
Yeah, all FDR's New Deal stuff really sucked huh .. paying all those guys 30 bucks a month .. $25 went home .. and all that stuff they built .. who needed it ehh?

Building Solyndra in the one of the very most expensive real estate and labor markets in the whole country has gotta be one of the most asinine uses of public funds, irrespective of nurturing green technology. Page Mill Road was part of my bailey-wick 30 years ago, and it wasn't cheap back then. So goes the grants and loan guarantees to A-123 it seems.

So I respectfully disagree .. there is a place for government assistance, if projects are properly vetted. Obviously, neither Solyndra or A-123 were, and not only pissed away millions we can ill afford, but also tainted an industry that is struggling here in the US, while other countries are jumping in with both feet, but not while doing a mattress dance in D.C., "K" street included.

These things Can be done Right .. just takes political will. Hoover Damn was built ahead of schedule and under budget in one of the harshest environments in the US. HJK then went on to hire thousands again .. building shipyards and thousands of ships during the War .. I was born in one of his hospitals.

Worth repeating .. These Things Can Be Done Right .. get people who know what the hell they are doing, and hold their feet to the fire. We ain't done yet, America

OK .. I''m Done .. please carry on
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