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Originally Posted by Little-Acorn View Post
I'm the only one who has mentioned using 3900KV motors here, so I guess you mean me. I found the first two 2835-3900KV motors I tried, worked beautifully, resulting in long flights, vertical climb capability, and components that did not overheat in my regular SS and Easystar. I detailed those results extensively, here and elsewhere, and did not demand that others "take my word for it", nor try to prevent them from expressing ideas contrary to mine. When somebody (and here I mean you) showed up and simply announced that 3900KV motors "wouldn't work" in such an application, of course I ignored it, and simply pointed out what these 3900KV motors had already done. I tend to take concrete results over unbacked assertions.

Then when I tried a third, larger 3900KV motor (3650) and found it did not perform with a larger prop as the first two had, repeatedly underrevving and overheating, I straightforwardly reported that too, with data showing the failure, and admitted that apparently my opinions formed from my earlier experience might not extend to all cases, saying that perhaps the first two motors were exceptions ("freaks") and larger 3900KVs might indeed be unsuitable for the propellers I was using. I also took the unsuitable 3900KV out of the SSS and put the original motor back in, to try that one with a 4s battery (successfully, as others here had earlier found).

In the meantime, you still provided little or no info to back up your blanket condemnations, but started posting snide comments and derogatory unrelated videos to try to belittle other posters, I presume including me, even as I was providing the proof you never did.

I'm guessing your angst over my drawing conclusions from hard data I had developed instead of obediently accepting your commands, comes from your strange jealousy over not being accepted as the biggest fish in the local pond, and outrage over others having the effrontery to try to find things out on their own. But I don't care about its origins, since I came here to talk about the SSS, and have been doing my best to list what I found and encourage other enthusiasts to do the same. Which, by the way, is what this thread is really for.

The same piece of paper states that the ESC can only handle 4 or 5 servos, despite the plane having six. You didn't mind accepting that part of the paper without question, and I spread your good word several times (though later I showed that questioning it might be appropriate).

Your choice. Though I asked you to come back in a PM the first time, I probably won't bother a second time.

Your posts here indicate otherwise.

We would all do well to remember that, TheDon. Most posters have, you know, to their credit.

I've said my piece, after being provoked. The rest (if any) will be handled in PMs, as it should have been all along.


Now can we stop this childish bitching and chest-thumping, and get back to talking about the Super Sky Surfer? PLEASE???


I will erase this post when the aforementioned noise stops.
Me thinks acorn likes to hear himself talk to much, all the experimenting your doing is fine ,but man we dont need to know every damn thing you try,so calm down as it is you that has hijaked this thread in my opinion, with all the post after post after post of experimenting.
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