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When the firewall has cured up and everything is sturdy and stable, remove the motor and solder up the motor wires and ESC wires for some 4mm bullet connectors. Using a dremel cutoff wheel and sanding drums open up the fuselage under the wing saddle as shown so you have access for reciever loading and servicing. Check the finished pictures to see where the ESC sits in relation to the hatch line. You really need to shorten the wires up as there is not much room up front. You will attach the ESC to the right side of the fuselage with Velcro and you will need to make absolutely sure the wires do not touch the motor case of the outrunner, and that the gear shaft is not rubbing on the firewall. If anything fouls and you try to operate the system you will smoke the ESC!! When everything is good check the motor for proper rotation and tape the 3 bullet connectors so they can't come loose. Lubos supplies a servo mount for the rudder and elevator servos. I used JR/Spektrum High Voltage digital metal geared servos throughout the Aspire. I mounted two JR HV 390 servos in the tray and trial fit it in the fuselage.The servos sit on the floor and the front of the mount is 4.5" aft of the front of the canopy line . Check the photos for the right dimension, when everything is good, epoxy the tray in position. Use the longest arms that will fit the space allowed with out rubbing on the fuselage sides. Cut the pushrods to length with a dremel cutoff wheel, and bond the clevis coupler assemblies to the pushrods with BJ weld. Make sure the servos are in neutral and the elevator drive and rudder are centered. I includeda photo of the Thunder Power 65 C 850 Ma motor battery and the Eflite 2S 800ma Lipo pack I use for the radio.The Radio battery goes up front velcroed to the left side of the fuselage. The Motor pack fits in the remaining space with the curved side against the front of the servo tray. If you fit you fuselage out as I have described the Aspire will CG at 118MM perfect for this configuration with no ballast.
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