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Thanks for the quick reply.
  1. A) I have 72Mhz PCM, and I have only had glitches with this plane setup. I don’t know if it may be that the uBEC (with toroid ring) is causing interference. I have heard that some people have had trouble with some of these. I read how to do the RSSI but I really don’t want to mess with the Rx as I intend to move to a long range UHF system shortly. On another note, isn’t the RTH supposed to activate when there is interference? In all of the cases where I have had glitches, the RTH did not come on, which is why I turned it on to test it. However I could not recover from it; I fought with it for the last minute of fight.

  2. B) I do have the GPS V4 with toroid ring. It was mounted on the front part of the plane (behind the Go Pro). The Video Tx is mounted right behind the engine (3/4 of the fuselage). About 25-26 inches apart. See attached pic. Maybe it works better if it is on top of the wing? I had noticed in previous flight that the speed and altitude would freeze up for a couple of seconds, almost sure due to a lost GPS fix. The entire system is new this was only like the 4th flight so I really don’t have more experience from the system with this setup.

  3. C) It did take some time… more than 1 minute. I had all the parameters turned on to be logged. I actually downloaded the file 3 times with the same result. I then reseted the memory and did a bench test, downloaded the new file and that one was ok. Something funny with the software though, is that very frequently it tells me I have to update the firmware. I click the update buttons, apparently everything updates, but the update buttons don’t disappear. It is my understanding that once you are up to date with the firmware the buttons go away? They never have.

The last few seconds without sound was actually due to the Go pro getting wet on impact into a puddle, which damaged the file. I had to do some magic to recover it.

Just realized that the link to the video does not have the full description of what happened. please go to the youtube site to read the full description.
Any thoughts?
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