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People were trying to educate in this thread and give proper power system advice but it was falling on deaf ears as it was being drowned in post after post of "experimentation". I knew a 3900KV would not work but the advice was ignored. The stock motor is good for 4S but apparently since a piece of paper shows 3S that must be wrong. I stand by my statement, because if a person does not understand how a 3900KV motor will not work with an 8" prop then they will not understand why 4S will work on the stock motor. Harsh? Maybe, but the truth. I am getting tired of reading posts that would be better in a blog or personal journal. It is why I left in the first place and why I will probably leave again. I don't mind experimentation, do what you want, but this thread is for the plane not a personal blog and that is what is irritating the rest of us.
+1 Don. Experimentation is well, good and fun but should be done with common sense and safety, especially if being promoted in a public forum. In this case motors, Props and ESCs have been haphazardly combined with no analysis and no regard as to the consequences. Fortunately no harm was done, but that and other hair-brained ideas like reversing the motor in flight can cause damage. The SSS is not a toy. It is a 4 1/2 pound missile with a set of whirling teeth. Kick the power up to 1000 watts and it could be lethal. Some seem to have a "so what, don't care" attitude about the whole thing, which is inappropriate IMO.
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