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I've got you back on the leader board, nigel. I am seriously considering building a DLG over the winter. I love flying the bigger electrics and want a couple even bigger ones but there is a lot of appeal to a glider I can thermal on a baseball diamond or slope soar over a building. I probably won't ever be able to afford a state of the art contest glider but there seems to be several options in the 2nd tier that are available for anyone willing to do some building.

Another great flight, Belem! It's especially impressive coming on a day that wasn't dominated by steady lift.

I haven't been getting in as much flying lately. Lousy, gusty, weather and addressing the wear and tear of a full summer of flying have been taking up my time. The hinges and linkages on my Specter have gotten a little sloppy and I'm still tinkering with the ASW 28 for better aerobatic performance. It's just so pretty pulling out of a dive and doing a loop, slow roll, or wingover that I have pretty much decided I'm going to have a bigger scale bird ready for next spring. Now? I have to decide whether the scale sailplane or a 2.5 meter floater is the biggest priority. And that doesn't even allow for the new 3D ship, that's supposed to arrive tomorrow, and my strong desire for a bipe and/or a WW2 warbird! I guess that I'm leaning towards the scale bird since it will be optimized for aerobatics rather than pure soaring and winter soaring is hit or miss here in Minnesota. Sigh... So many planes and so few thumbs.
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