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Micro Telemaster Dihedral

So...I''m building my Micro Telemaster and I'm tot he point where I'm about ready to join the wing panels. Nowhere can I find a the diheral specified in terms of an angle or, the more traditional method, a measurement of one wingtip above the board when the opposite panel is held flat.

I'm built according to plan and canted the inner ribs so they lined up, tot he best of my ability, with the angle of the end of the spar per instructions. Howver, when I hold the panels together, the angle doesn't at all look like enough for a three channel plane.

Common sense and experience tells me that the optimal angle is less the longer the span (more moment) so my Super Cub LLP has less dihedral than my Champ. I've built lots of free flight planes in the past and I could estimate. But I figure that's what forums like this are for; to share experience.

So, if any of you reading this have built your Micro Telemasters, can you plaese share the measurement of your dihedral. Place one panel flat and measure to the bottom of the tip where the slanted tip rib meets the first vertical rib. It would be interesting, if several people could make this measurement so we can compare them.


This is the Micro Telemaster V2
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