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Who Whuddah Thought ..

Originally Posted by Ohmic View Post
CNG is my first choice. I looked at the Honda Accord which is/was the only available CNG vehicle to consumers a few years back. Then it was only sold in three states and there were no consumer filling stations near me. I believe it's available in more states now and I hear more CNG vehicles are on their way. Phill is available is available for filling at home, but installation cost is quite expensive.
Since this thread has migrated from the GM/A-123 debacle somewhat to include alternate fuels including CNG .. here's a brief little diversion .. a CNG locomotive (the second engine) hauling Coal. That's fracking incredible ehh

**RARE ex-Natural Gas Locomotive!!!**RailFanning-Ex-BN SD40-2 #7149 Natural Gas Locomotive (2 min 34 sec)

I'll get back On Topic .. Trust Me .. That was chicken feathers storing Hydrogen .. Right?
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