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Well, that's another advantage of using MPF over Depron -- no stress cracks in yer seaplanes! In fact, I had not even considered building any seaplanes (I hate water, it's wet) until I saw how MPF responds to forming stresses. A seaplane built from MPF won't start leaking on its second flight, nor will it suddenly gather water in places you thought were sealed up, nor will it commit any other stupidity, all because a panel made from MPF won't develop stress cracks at its edges. Depron seaplanes do all of the above. I know because I've seen it. (Other flyboys' planes; I ain't gots no seaplanes.)

Now I'm thinking about getting at least one seaplane done before the cold weather sets in because a lot of my FBs have seaplanes and they tell me I'm missing out on some great times. One guy has a largish pond right behind his condo and a bunch of people fly right there. I'd like to join 'em if I thought I had a plane that would remain dry. An MPF plane will do that.
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