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Well, I got the replacement plane from Great Planes. Took over two weeks, which I thought was a little excessive for a DOA airplane, but the new one fired right up. Unfortunately, when I went to install the landing gear, I realized that one of the mounts had been glued in 90 degrees off from where it was supposed to be. No biggie as I was able to pop it off and reglue it without doing any damage, but I am not too impressed with GPs quality control so far.

Anyway, flew it four times yesterday and it flys great! :-)
Landing.... well that is another story

I was able to grease it on a couple of times, but usually it would bounce a foot in the air after touching down and then scape up a wingtip. It is definitely a challenge to land well!

I seem to have the best luck just going power off, what do you guys do?
Also, any suggestions on what to do to strengthen the underside of the wingtips so I don't scape them off with my landings? I was thinking of smearing a light coating of epoxy along the edges.

Also wanted to give a tip regarding the landing gear.
I have read a few complaints about how difficult it is to take the landing gear off.
Well, the trick is that you do not insert the landing gear all the way in. The manual says to insert the gear until the wire touches the little plastic tab.... DO NOT go OVER the tab and lock it in place. It seems like it is made to go over the tab and lock in, but it does work perfectly fine not locked in and then it pulls out very easily to store in the box.

Oh, one more thing...
My new replacement plane has a buzz, like a twitching servo, once you plug the battery in. I can't see any control surfaces twitching and it seems to fly fine, but I was a little worried about this. Anyone else have this noise?
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