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Originally Posted by Ohmic View Post
Those well-heeled individuals are making the technology possible which will eventually make it available to the not so well-heeled individuals. It's simply how major technology changes happen. Do you remember when the first 42" plasma TV's were $15? Look at where the 42" plasma and LED/LCD prices are now.

The lesson here - educate yourself before accusing others of drinking the Kool-Aid. Then thank them for paying the penalty for being an early adopter so the rest of us can purchase the technology for less $$$ in the future.
+10 .. exactly, and I remember that plasma pricing too. More recently, a 256G SSD cost $399 a year ago .. on sale for $149 recently. Yes, us early adopters pay the freight so the price comes down for the masses later on. I remember paying $3.50 for a single CK722 transistor .. now you get millions on a single little chip for a few dollars. I'll admit to making a few purchasing decisions with Jack, but never with Kool-Aid
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