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I graduated from Embry-Riddlle aero university, Florida, in '59. With computers, everything has changed. An airplane is still a compromise of parts and forces, but now computers and sensors keep even the un-flyable designs in the air.
Yes, there is a distinct difference between designs with tails (front or rear located) and flying wings (withor without vertical fins). Every so many years I get drawn back to the pure simplicity of the Wing. I will post my setups and nessecary modifications needed to get my Pioneer flying to my satisfaction.
Jim Marske told me a couple stories about the full size Pioneer (as best remembered from those years back when...);
* A conventional glider and the Wing happened to meet while soaring out west and a friendly race ensued. They passed through a strong invisable updraft and the conventional glider quit. What happened was that the Wing was kicked up in a horizontal attitude which just gave the pilot a brief hard push down in the seat. However, the conventional glider first pitched up and then pitched down as the wing and then tail entered the updraft. The up, down and pitching movements threw the pilot around too much to continue.
*... A wing was returning to the field after a pleasant flight when a soda can was dropped and became lodged in the elevator linkage. It acted as a ratchet permitting the plane to nose down but not come back up. Guys at the field saw the Wing diving down to a impact beyond the field. Meanwhile, in desperation, the pilot pulled with enough force to crush the can and the Wing zoomed up but would have hit the ground except for the big drainage ditch along side the road. He got enough altitude to make a normal landing at the field. The guys were now at the "crash site" but couldn't find anything. The pilot later said that a conventional glider would have caught it's tail on the ditch and resulted in a crash.

May your landings be where intended....
Jim Petro is online now Find More Posts by Jim Petro
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