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Why aren't some of the most simplistic/smallest items available in HK USA warehouse

Please don't get me wrong as this is not a bash discussion or even really a rant. This is more of a I don't get it type thread. I understand them not carrying everything over here in the US warehouse and I know it takes time to get some things over here, but according to their website they're adding new stock every single week. In that mix is things like 60" planes, huge lipo's etc. Some items are very large, yet some of the cheapest smallest and probably most sold items are still yet to arrive in the US and I'm wondering if anyone has a theory on why this is.

Examples are the orange rx's. I mean good grief we all know they are hugely popular and sell like crazy. Also there are all the little 1s & 2s lipo's for the um/umx planes that are also huge sellers. They are so small they could send tons of them compared to some of these larger items.

I know they would cost a little more here in the US just as everything from the US site does. However, there are no real vendors in the US of these other than people that want to charge more than double what they paid for them, so if they stocked them over here I think they would have a huge edge since everyone is stationed in china/hong kong and don't have a US warehouse like HK does.

Anyway, just still trying to figure out why some of the most popular items that would be easily shipped due to being such small packages are withheld from the US warehouse.
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