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Micro quad OEM and Turnigy Nano-Tech lipo tests 101

WARNiNG!: Before you connect new lipos to your flight controller or lipo charger, be absolutely certain that the polarity is correct! Carefully swap the pins in the lipo connector if necessary to match your flight controller and charger connector. The Nine Eagles and Helimax version of lipos, for example, has reversed polarity from what most other micro and mini multicopters use.

Note 1:
Added Turnigy lipo tests and some cost info as of 12 Nov 2012. Added 600mah tests 14 November 2012. Added Turnigy Q-Bot OEM lipo test 15 March 2013.

Hi F,
I agree with that assessment. Either those V939 lipos are overrated, or end of shelf-life.

Test method and results with 7 OEM and 2 Turnigy Nano-Tech lipos:
-All lipos taken off the charger and measured at 4.2v
-All lipos had between 5-10 charge/discharge cycles before testing.
-All lipos were tested to have a 1min post flight resting 3.7v charge after full flight until the Ladybird LVC landing.
-All tests were gently flown, stationary hover indoors using the Walkera Ladybird V1 with telemetry set to off for the most flight time.

1. WLToys v939 330mah 10.2g(~$3.29ea x10 @Banggood) 5min
2. WLToys v939 330mah 10.2g 5min
3. Walkera Ladybird V1 240mah 8.0g(~$4.85ea x10 @Banggood) 9.0min
4. UDI U816 250mah or 240mah 8.1g(
~$2.40 ea x5) @Banggood) 9.5min
5. UDI U816 250mah or 240mah 8.1g 9.5min
6. MJX X100 300mah 8.1g(~$4.40ea x1 @Banggood) 7.5min
7. Mini Pet V997 300mah 8.1g(~
$2.20 price increase $2.40 ea x10 @Banggood) 7.5min
8. Turnigy Q-Bot 250mah 20c 7.9g (~$2.50ea @Banggood) 6.5min
9. Banggood 380mah 25c 10.5g (~$3.11ea for 5x $15.58 @Banggood) 10.0min

1. Turnigy Nano-Tech 300mah 45-90c 8.8g(~$2.44ea +ship @HK) 8.5min
2. Turnigy Nano-Tech 300mah 35-70c 8.4g(~$1.72ea +ship @HK) 6.5min

Note 2: The difference in the performance between the Nano-Techs was compared with the same lipos in a 10 lot purchase. The same results were noted. I find it odd that there is that much difference, but suspect that the 35-70c lipos are an older manufacture and suffer from a long shelf-life. Most "new" lipos will gain some flight time on the order of 20 seconds to 1 minute after about 5 charge/discharge cycles. It is suspicious to me when this does not happen and indicates either old stock or poor chemistry.

Since I had some 600mah lipos for my mini quads I tested them with the Ladybird micro quad for flight duration since that is what Walkera is using in the latest micro quad QR Infra-X with sonar and IR capability and successfully flying it at over twice the Ladybird V1 AUW. After flight the motor temperatures were 84F/29C, lipo 75F/24C, Flight controller 81F/27C when flown in an ambient temperature of 65F/18C.

1. Tiger 600mah 15c 15.3g(~$2.20ea @Aliexpress) 12.5min
2. Turnigy Nano-Tech 600mah 35-70c 16.1g(~$2.58ea +ship @HK) 14min

Quadrocopter and Tricopter Info Mega Link Index

Originally Posted by FyreSG View Post
Are all the LB clones using the same type battery (TC702035U, 330mAh)? The two stock batteries for WLtoys V939 are of poor quality. The most important flaw is the lack of "punch" and it definitely does not have a capacity of 330mAh.

I just tested my Turnigy Nano-tech 250mAh 35-70C batteries. I am totally surprised at what my V939 can do! I had assumed the quad felt rather sedated because it was designed that way, then I tried the nanotechs. It felt like a totally different beast! It was extremely responsive and agile, and can fly noticebly faster. There is also an additional bonus of slightly longer flight time.

Has anyone tried other compatible batteries on the V939, other than the stock or nanotechs? Are they good?
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