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Hello to everybody. I wanted to ask you guys to take a look at what happened to me as it looks similar to what other have posted. Basically I suffered a crash after experiencing a couple of glitches when I lost total control of my Skywalker after manually enabling RTH. My Gear is as follows:
  • Plane: 1900mm Skywalker
  • R/C: Futaba 9CAP PCM with synthesized TX and RX
  • Eagletree: OSD, elogger v4, GPS, guardian expander, Air speed expander, Temp sensor, brushless RPM sensor
  • Batteries: 4s 5800mA for motor, 3s 3600mA for video cam and tx and radio rx (stepped down with turnigy bec).
  • Video system: 2.4 GHz 500mw
  • On the ground I have Eagle eyes on a Readymade RC tracker with an 8Bbi Antenna
  • Fat shark goggles

The story can be seen here:
FPV Over Clouds at Dawn Ending in a Crash in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (14 min 49 sec)

Unfortunately (yeah I learned my lesson) I was not recording the video feed from the plane and osd, but I was able to recover the video from the Gopro. The annotations on the video point out what was going on.

In line to what others have stated on this thread, I recall that just before taking off, the GPS struggled to get a position, but afterwards it had 13 sats on screen. I then reset the home position and took off without resetting the OSD. I have the RTH to be activated with the throttle fail safe, but instead of using trim, I programmed a throttle cut switch which work perfectly on the bench test. I also had the guardian gain on aux 2 and set about 50%.

I am attaching the FDR file and my config file so billpa can take a look at them. Now the plane was lost for more than 2 hrs with the system still running, so I figured the data recorder was not going to show much, but I can’t even get the file to run properly on the software. It’s like the file is corrupt.
I was very lucky to recover all my gear nearly intact, but I want to solve this issue as I know I will not be as lucky a second time.

So what do you think happened?
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