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Sat was good, Phil and Chris were out flying and nobody killed anything Chris was even flying a Nano CPX. Byper stayed at home Sun, too many new toys I guess. MXS ICE Lite 100 still going over 200 deg so changes are needed before that will come back out again. 58" Edge is outstanding now with 7245's, no more aileron trim issues.

Byper is interesting and may take some getting used to. The elevator has great authority for walls and waterfalls but if you try a tumble the plane mostly rolls so I think aileron has ever more authority Harrier is a bit diferent too as the plane is very sensative to rudder and/or aileron. I think my 2200 packs are just a tad too small to get cg where they really recommend, and I'm only getting 4 min flights. I used to get 5 min on my 51 with that combo but I think I pushed the packs to lower voltage back then and may not have been on the throttle so much... packs could also be getting a bit old I guess.
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