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I finally took my little Champ out again, been over a year since I'd flown her, and was nearly the last time too.

Walked over to the school football field. Beautiful day, sunny and no wind. Just puttering along at peace with the world.

And then I was attacked!

Pair of bogies snuck in on my 6 and nailed me. Crows who decided the Champ was on their turf.

First one nailed the Champ from above and behind and sent her sprawling and spinning.

Second one dove in for the kill. Except the Champ wasn't going down without a fight.

Pulled a "Top Gun" move on #2, let him close in and slammed on the air brakes, standing the Champ on her tail. #2 had target fixation and nearly plowed into the ground.

And then the Champ lived up to her name. She went medieval on em.

Wounded but not giving up, she went after both of the bogies. And they proved to be the cowards they are. With the tables turned and their victim now fighting back, both ended up running for cover.

And like one of the old war movies the Champ came home on fumes, hit LVC just as she cleared the runway. All shot up but she brought her pilot safely home.

She took a beating, gouges in the wing and top fuse, left wing snapped at the fuse, only thing holding it on was the CF rod and lower covering, even the spinner was gone.

She's in the hangar awaiting repairs. She deserves it. And somewhere there are a pair of crows telling their buds about some little yellow bird who put some whoop ass on em.
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