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Originally Posted by john m taylor View Post
In my previous thread I mentioned about the possibility of you staging another US (RM) Championship next year. I also said that providing the event was more than a one day regatta, in an open venue I would seriously consider flying over to compete. Browsing at some of the responses I am of the opinion that there seems to be politics surrounding AMYA members / non-members. As im from the UK, I would be classed as a non AMYA member, but my boat would have a valid measuring certificate. Surely if you were to hold an (RM) Championship, as long as a skipper has a valid measuring certificate for his boat, then he could race. Alternatively, you could use the regatta to encourage non-members to join the AMYA. More often these days in the UK we see other skippers coming across Europe to compete in our championships, they are not members but they have a valid measuring certificates for their boats. Despite this if a skipper does not have a certificate for his boat, then the regatta officials could make arrangements to have the boat measured prior to the regatta starting, this would maximise the entry creating a fantastic Championship, therefore encouraging others to join the AMYA.

Additionally, my recommendation for a venue has to be Fort Lauderdale. A good open piece of water with a strong privailing breeze. I appreciate the journey involved for some, but potentially it would mean a 15 hour flight for myself. You never know but you might get a 20 boat entry over a two day regatta, rather than a 8-10 boat entry like you had at San Deigo for just 1 day.


Let's not put the carriage in front of the horse.

There is one clerical technicality though...
You can't award a USA National championship to a skipper from abroad.

Sorry, You can't be the Czar of Russia if you are a citizen of Canada. The world doesn't work that way.

Anyone competing for a USA (or ANY country for that matter) National championship, must be a member of that country's hosting organisation. As a citizen of the USA I can't come over to England and become your National champ... Unless I'm a card-carrying member.

My position is, that doesn't mean you're not welcome to sail..
It just means.. same as becoming a member of the Marblehead Model Yacht Club for $10.. if you don't pay your dues, you don't make the scorecard.

The other solution is to have skippers come from abroad.. Make allowances for them to sail, and call it a "WORLD" championship. That's not only an option, but maybe a better option!

Again. same point I've made here.. A M-50/800 is a M 50/800. If your boat measures (and, yes all boats absolutley should be measured at a National level event) it doesn't matter what country and organisation the skipper is from an M is an M and if a R/M nationals is to be held, all boats should be measured.

Don't put the carriage in-front of the horse.
Who's gonna host this event we have all these ideas and opinions on?
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