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Originally Posted by Dan Baldwin View Post
In doing the research for this thread, I found that the federal and state rebates on electric vehicles are ridiculous. So ridiculous that I will be leasing a Leaf later this week. The total monthly cost for a leaf (lease payment plus cost to charge) will be considerably cheaper than the total monthly cost (monthly depreciation plus gas) of my 2006 PT cruiser. That's not even taking into consideration the considerable amount that I've spent on maintenance on the PT. I have a 35 mile round trip commute, which is perfect for the leaf. Of course I have an IC vehicle for longer trips.

Battery life is a big consideration. Nissan seems to be deliberately vague about the cost of battery replacement. I've seen costs as scary as $28,800.00 ($600.00 per battery module, 48 modules), but that shouldn't be a problem in a 36 month lease.

Electric vehicles really aren't even close to being able to replace gas vehicles in my opinion, but if the government is willing to give me back $10,000.00 of the money I've paid in taxes, and exert pressure on vehicle manufacturers to make them sell electric vehicles cheap, how can I not take advantage of it.

The Leaf should handle 90-95% of my driving needs.

Congratulations, Dan! Let us know how you like it. If you don't mind me asking, what's the mileage cap on the lease? Also, how long does it take to get the 220v charger installed? Can you charge off of 110v in the meantime?
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