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Well, I'll go first now I have a little time.
I was reviewing a chapter in a book on local archeology when I got to to the section on a site called "Yewden Villa". This supposed to be the remains of Roman villa right near the River Thames but there are some anomalies to it. There was a long building, with a central corridor and small rooms off each side. Also, there 91 infant burials on the site. The first thought that went through my head was that this wasn't a villa, it was a brothel!!! As it turns out, a local archeologist came to the very same conclusion. I managed to touch bases with her on this idea and the more it was discussed the more likely the conclusion became.
Our only problem was the apparently small customer base, the nearest Roman fort being Dorchester-on-Thames. A brothel of this size could not rely on just the boat traffic, and so I started thinking. If there were another fort nearby then that would certainly account for the size of the brothel, it was just a case of finding the damn thing. For the past two years I have been going over AP's, using Google Earth, and heading out with my metal detector and I think I may have two very good candidate locations for a small fort. There have even been some Roman inhumations excavated near one of my locations and in two of the graves they found cavalry spurs!
This area is going to be the first one we survey with the AP platform, and then a professor from Reading University has agreed to go over the photos with us. He agreed that we may actually be on to something.
So, from 2000 year old house of ill repute to locating a Roman fort. Life is great, isn't it?
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