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Just found a problem which may help someone. Long story but over the last 3 months my Baby has been getting tail blow outs. Changed everything and last night was running her up without blades in my hand and I found out that the tail rotor would stop occasionally and then re-start! Lots of checking under a magnifying glass and I found out that there are small inserts in the tail rotor socket which contact onto the pins. One of these inserts was loose (it came out with the plug which is how I spotted it) and the other was missing! I found the ‘missing’ insert still on the plug of a tail unit which I swapped out ages ago! No wonder that I had an intermittent contact. New batteries, 2 new tail rotors, new main engine and now I think that I have found the problem, Dohhhhh. Going to hard wire (solder) the tail in tonight and see.
Update:- Just managed to get a) good weather and b) time, to test my Baby outside. Problem solved, tail holds better than it ever did. Put 6 packs through and with a fresh pack (like for the first 2 minutes) I cannot get the tail to break out at all, not even adding so much pitch that you can hear the main rotor speed dropping right down!
The tail rotor is now soldered directly onto the board, I tried soldering a standard micro socket on at first but still had intermittent contact which was odd but taking the socket out has fixed it. Just have the hassle of un-soldering the 2 wires when I want to change the tail rotor in future.
Nice to have my Baby back again and I really enjoyed blasting the packs through doing things that I can’t do
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