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Originally Posted by manuel v View Post
I think the best wind for APC e 11x7, 11x8, 12x6 is 16 turns, 21AWG DLRK.
Fore low power and great efficiency best 17 and 18 turns.

This motor have low effy to high Kv. 900 and Up.

Manuel V.
Thanks for the advice, Manuel. I started out just wanting to see what the wind would do and then testing it with props on hand to compare that info. I don't have a specific plane or need for it yet.

And my ignorance of efficiency is apparent. I have been trying to get smarter about that. I went to the Peak Efficiency page and used some of the numbers I have been getting from testing help with my learning curve. And you're right about the low efficiency if I understand that right. I think it is down around 52% based on my initial messing around with the PeakEff calculator. I've attached an image that I got by entering some of the number I got in testing.

I'm still in kindergarten on that so I'm not sure it is right...

And I'm also confused by the fact that the motor seems to run good and to be potentially useful too. I have to wonder if some of us are not happy with inefficient motors simply because we are ignorant of it?

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