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Since I had the 'hacking into things' bug I took to Kahu. This was going to be a puzzler because with wings like the Zephyr II the foam cores have no real structural requirement, that all comes from the glass fiber and carbon spars that you glue in. The skin on Kahu does the same job, the down side of this is that if you hack a whole bunch of big holes in it you are steadily reducing it's structural rigidity. This is bad...

Ah well - to it! First Battery bay (you can see my nice motor mount in the background there)

Second battery bay

Motor mount slot

Electronics bay and the battery harness inserted. I forgot to take a photo of the harness but it's nothing to write home about. It took such a rottenly long time to shove the thing in that I didn't want to pull it back out again. I ended up tunneling all through the foam to run the wires. I still need to consider cooling for the ESC as well... having said that I won't be pulling the full 70A that it's capable of so I'm not expecting it to get too hot.

And finally cutting an elevon

I've bought the wing home with me so I can keep working on it over this week. I really want to be getting onto the flight test stage and I'm not going to be able to get to the hangars over next weekend so it's going to be a little while. On the positive side I should be able to get the elevons and wiring all finished. She should be flight worthy the next time I'm out there.
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