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Having used the DLG flying wing as an excuse to procrastinate (albeit a productive procrastination) I got back to Kahu and drew up a motor mount.

Drilled the holes cut it out and bent it with a vice and a soft mallet... success! But I forgot to take a photo... woops... yeah got distracted again...

The pod came out really nice! I cut out a rough shape for where the fuse would sit over the wing saddle.

Now this is the fun bit - where you 'lose' the foam. I used a generic paint thinner and it seemed to do the trick. Woo melting!

Halfway there and I've freed up some of the packing tape lining.

And it's all out! Yeah I know what it looks like... yes my mind is in the gutter...

Chucked a little bit of micro in the nose both as added ballast and also to strengthen the nose. I also used a little to smooth out the surface a bit.

And it fits!

Next is the tail boom hole... I hate cutting into these things. It gives me the willies but it had to be done. This is my rather elaborate way of making sure I get the hole straight...

And finally all sitting together! You'll notice that the nose is a little dirty. I couldn't resist taking it outside for a glide test so I put what electronics I was expecting to have in the pod plus some washers and of course the first thing it did was a lawn dart impression. DOH! Extract the washers... ah success! It had a rather nice drifty glide, happy days. However this is without the servos and elevons cut in so the washers may well have to go back in. Still the AUW at this stage is looking at around 680g which is still pretty good and still within thermalling wing loading.
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