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Originally Posted by gadorey View Post
here's the instructions for shutting off the nose wheel steering in flight. I'm not sure if it all works the same on the DX6i - I'm using a DX7. Your Rx is fine.

RX set up
Disconnect nose gear steering servo from the Y cable combining it into the rudder.
Nose wheel steering servo connect to Aux1/FLAP on Rx. Now the servo which steers the nose gear is controlled by it's own channel.

Steering with Gear down:
MIX1 (this mix connects your rudder channel to your nose steering channel.)
Set RUDD as Master and FLAP as Slave
Set RATE to +100%, +100% (full steering together with rudder stick input. % can be less if one wishes less steering as compared to rudder)
Set SW to FLAP2 (Function is on when Flap 3pt switch is on FLAP2 position. If you flip the switch to FLAP0 or N, then your rudder input does not affect the steering servo anymore)

getting the Gear up:
MIX2 (basically you want to assign the Gear up function to the Flap switch on your radio, since when the switch is on FLAP2 the gear is down and the steering coupled to the rudder. Otherwise, you would probably have to flip 2 switches to get the steering shut off - move from FLAP2 to N or 0 according to MIX1, and flipping the Gear switch up to get the undercarriage retracted. This way I assigned both functions to the Flap switch together.)
Set GEAR as Master and GEAR as Slave
Set RATE to -125%, +125%
Set SW to FLAP0 (by flipping the FLAP switch up to FLAP0 on the TX after take off, it pulls up the gear)
OFF SET: -70 (value to be checked, but purpose is to get retracts up tight w/out straining)

FLAP Sys: 0% for Norm, Mid and Land

Travel adjust:
Gear: +150%, -100% (also to be checked. Purpose is to make sure undercarriage is fully extended or fully pulled up)

FLAP: D 50 <---- Use this to adjust the nose-wheel center track

Note: all the rate and % values might be reversed on your model depending if one or more channels are reversed. What I mean is if I have a +% Value on my radio, it might be a -% value on yours and vice versa. So please always check everything to make sure it all works as it should.

With this setup the GEAR Switch on your radio still pulls the undercarriage up or down when flipped. However, you should leave it on the down position and not use it any more. Instead you now use the FLAP switch on the Radio to raise or lower the undercarriage.

Mixes are a bit complicated, and I have to always check them a few times to see if all is working as it should, but in the end they are a very usefull tool to get aroung certain things. So well worth going through them and try to understand the logic. Sooner or later you will need them. I also use them for differential ailerons or differential thrust on other models. Never really mixed ailerons and rudder, since I prefer a manual input to an automatic mix. Same with flaps and elevator. Seems to keep my flying/stick skills up, but many good flyers swear to it and use them often.
I found this posted for DX6i elsewhere in the forums by freechip to be a little easier to do:

Rate 100% 100%

This is so the nose gear servo moves with the rudder

Rate -100% -100%

This is when the gear switch is toggle up and the gear retracts the rudder nose gear servo from mix 1 is now disable and centered.

My servo monitor show the AUX1/FLAP channel moving with the rudder (steerable nose gear) and when the gear is retracted AUX1/Flap channel is no longer moving.. and you can use the subtrim on the flaps channel to center the nose wheel.
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