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Originally Posted by shelterock View Post
they charge up to 12.6v but last about 30 sec of flight time. They never got low enough not to want to charge but simply have no punch left. 2 are just over a year and 1 is 8 months old, the other 6 months. If they have 20 charges on them each, I'd be surprised.
What make are they?, I had one unused for a bit and its voltage sagged quickly under load.
I cycled it a few times, charged and then slow low level discharge to storage voltage (3.75 to 3.8 per cell) and it bought it back to original state.

If left fully charged for long periods I have read Lipo's tend to do this.

I always leave discharged at 3.75 to 3.8 per cell now and discharge full batts to same if not going to use for a while.
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