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Originally Posted by CrashMeUp View Post
it seems to be the same hardware except for the 8pin usb chip, but, i'm talking #11 "v1" only.
i dont know which chip outputs the video, if its accessible at all externally either, so it might or might not be possible
some other pin the chip is looking at must prolly be set to 0 like on the #18 as well
Terminology. There is no 8-pin USB chip on the circuit board, but I know you meant the 8-pin USB connector

The Novatek processor has a video-out contact. It is not a pin, so it is not exposed!
The contact is on the underside of the chip which means you can't access it unless you remove the chip itself. Removing the chip is easy with a hot-air gun, but I would say impossible for someone without professional equipment to solder it back in place. So if you try it, you will destroy your #11 - at least the chances are 99.99999..% So, V1=absolutely impossible.

According to the developer, there is some sort of dongle that prevents an upgrade of an 8-pin USB #11 to a #18. Chances that you will brick your camera are fairly high if you try this. Apparently the "dongle" was implemented because people were buying the cheaper #11 and then upgrading to #18 and asking for free cables.

A previous post mentioned changing the firmware file names. Before you consider doing this, I can assure you that the #11 V1 bootloader is completely different than the #18 bootloader, even the size of the code is completely different.....

If you use the wrong bootloader, the address space of the firmware data and code will be incorrectly indexed meaning your camera will be bricked! Just a friendly warning.....

[EDIT] I don't have a #18, but I suspect the contacts next to the processor are RS232 contacts used for debugging purposes. [/EDIT]
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