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Originally Posted by flatlandrobin View Post
Haha, didnt mean to sound like I am yelling. I have sold the quad to someone and ever since he got it, its been doing this. But it was fine when I used it last. He is pretty annoyed and I am just trying to help him get it working as I bought it with a years warranty so if there is a fault then I just want to get it sorted. From everything he has tried I cant see how it is his radio equipment.

We havent tried switching the ESC outputs, but we did try swapping the elev and aileron inputs on the receiver. This swapped the cyclic movements as you would expect, but the same motor was just spinning faster than the rest.

Does that eliminate any possible causes? Would it be a good test to swap the motor wires for the front two arms and see what happens?

Thanks for the help.
yep. At least you can isolate it to a channel since you've eliminated the Rx. If you physically swap motors on that ESC output and the problem stays, then you have it to the FC or ESC. Dunno now to drill down further because I believe these are sandwiched boards. Can't look cause its 1:30 here and the heli is in the garage
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