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Originally Posted by hydro_pyro View Post
...But the LED's are NOT wired in parallel. Look at the strip. LED, LED, LED, resistor... repeat. There's three LED's in SERIES with a series resistor, and each of these series groups are then connected in parallel with each other. Nowhere is there an LED directly in parallel with another LED. Each cut-mark on the strip is a division between these series groups.

Even if the forward voltages have slight variances, they still light fully because one LED cannot affect the voltage drop across the others. The voltage drop across the series ballast resistor in each group is equal to the supply voltage minus the sum of the forward voltages of the three LED's.

I learned this stuff 25 years ago, when I was just a kid. I can't believe I'm arguing with adults about this.

Evidently I'm wasting my time explaining this, since I'm being taken for a complete idiot.

I now understand what it is that you are you are not was just a misunderstanding. I am wiring the strips in parallel but the LED's themselves are in series. I understand now...
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