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Originally Posted by David22 View Post
mountain climbing up very dangerous steep slopes can be not worth it to find a plane

I have heard of guys even getting lost looking for planes out inthe wild
Its best to bring a first aid kit when out in the wild just in case

even broken ankles and in one case a run in with a bear and cubs

one guy told me he almost fell off a cliff looking for his plane

is your life or health worth a $500 - $1000 plane

sure he got lucky finding his plane but possably took a life threatening chance going to look for it

I thought this guy was just a kid, but from his recent picture looks much more older than I thought

younger people should not go wondering into the woods looking for toy planes

cant wait for the video of the crash, this should be cool

glad you got your plane back which looks like in good condidtion

In this country people go out and get lost in the woods all the time. It's called hiking.
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