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The left wing is now completed to the same stage as the Right wing panel:

Then my buddy called and said he busted his last bandsaw blade and didn't have any extra's and asked if he could come over to help cut out the rest of the parts for the center section... so of course I couldn't say no! So, here is the center section and all of its pieces fit together... There is NO glue in this assembly, it is just all tabbed and set together.

Once we saw that, we had to do a mock up photo.. so i pulled the wing tubes out of the left wing panel (I made sure to make index marks between the wing root rib and the tube so it is easier to re-install the tubes later), then we mocked up the left wing panel the the center section:

And of course, once we did this, we HAD to do the same with the other wing (this wing also had its wingtip and leading edge installed and rough shaped as well)

*HOLY CRAP, this thing is HUGE... again, that is a 4'x8' table!

A shot from the front... it definitely has that Horton look!

And another with one of the Changesun 90mm 12blade EDF units mocked up into place. We quickly spoke about possibly doing twin 120mm setups, but after pricing them, and realizing it would add about 3-4lbs of weight over the dual 6s 90mm EDF setups, it was decided the weight and increased cost (nearly 3 times as much!) was not worth it. Afterall, we have the possibility of doing 8,10 or 12s lipo with the 90mm setup as well.

invertmast is online now Find More Posts by invertmast
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