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Yep, I luvs me some Paragon. Still have an untouched kit waiting on the shelf.

I also still love the Gentle Lady. Never been a better zero stress glider. I've had so many magical afternoons with one just doing it's thing. The GL I have sitting RTF right now is sort of the wife's model. She can fly the snot out of it. She knows a good flier when she sees it. It never even occurs to her to be concerned with spot landings, screaming up a winch or moving all over the sky searching for something else. JJ doesn't like messing with winches even though she does just fine. I think it's her sewing time, she totally connects with a winch pedal and because of that she's slow and deliberate to altitude. Once up there it's like a non-issue for her to just fly around, gain height and come back home when she's ready. She really pisses me off.

I wish she was more into it, I'd make money on her at the club field.

I'll bring up an oddball you don't see much but I happen to have a kit of sitting around: The RO-8. Really not very good and has a face only a mother could love. Weird fuselage and T-tail. Honestly not worth a crap in so many ways but just ......old skool kewl.

We've (boss and I) have an unoccupied house full (really full) of models with a fair amount of them being designs from the 70's. Most aren't good fliers for various reason but hey, they fly and will thermal. I have a master plan to go through one example of each glider designed between 1969 and 1980 that we have, get them back to 100% airworthy and put at least 4 hours air time on every one over the next few years. The worst of the bunch is much better than nothing.

Want an old Woodie that will put a smile on your face? Sailaire..........or Whaleaire as we affectionately call them. Sort of the blimp of the RC soaring world. It's big, it's kinda fat and it goes nowhere in a hurry but once it goes up it won't come down unless it's a horrible day and you've never flown a sailplane before. I have two unbuilt kits of them. One a very low serial number original from CraftAire and the other a Dream catcher kit. I'll build the DC kit and leave the original for nostalgia's sake.

We do have some really weirdo models that suck as far as flying but the concepts are worthy of preservation. I have an Allure for example. The idea was nothing sticking out past the wing LE. No nose or fuse period past the wing. I guess the idea was no drag up front and an uninterrupted airflow across the whole wing LE. Cool concept that bites big green rocks in execution. No weight forward of the LE made for some.................interesting flight characteristics. Not interesting in a good way but eye opening to say the least..

So many glider designs over the last 50 years, so little time.
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