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Subject has changed now, but thought I would share a mix thats takes bollooning out when throttle is chopped, with no other changes. Have been using for serveral flights and it seems to work great.

I set throttle travel to 150% which gives a little deadband in the idle range. Programmed a throttle to elevator mix that added down elevator when motors stop. Obviously others ways to do it, but I didn't want to move the CG or change anything else.
As setup in JR X9303 thro to elev pos0 0% 0% pos1 0% -114% offset-150. I set it up to only work on flight mode 1, which is only used for landing. The -114% sets at what point in throttle travel the mix starts (want that to be right at the bottom of the travel range so elevators don't move until motors stop), the -150 sets amount of down elevator (set with plane in a glide). Motors stop, elevators go nose down to automatically adjust trim for great

Anyone know how to get trims to work on mixed channels?? Would like to able setup hover mode trims, but can't figure out how to get nozzels to move with an elevator or alieron trim change

Thanks Mike
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