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So we had our maiden flight today. I wish I could say it was uneventful, but I can't. First of all, I had my very experienced friend take the first flight. Even though I have the steerable tail wheel, he had a heck of a time keeping the plane straight. After about the fifth attempt, he was able to get it airborne. Once he got it in the air, he handed to controls over to my 10y/o via the buddy box. It seemed to handle pretty good, but I suddenly saw something fall off the plane I walked out into the field to try and find what had fallen off. It was hard to find the item since I didn't know what I was looking for. I yelled over to my son and had him fly over me so I could take a good look at the plane. I now found out what had fallen off, it was the left main gear wheel/tire Now knowing that we were going to have a probable eventful landing, my friend took over the controls, brought the plane over the grass field and landed pretty gracefully without damaging anything Further inspection revealed that the carbon fiber rod that acts as an axle had come loose and fallen out somewhere causing the wheel/tire to fall off. After some further searching, I was able to find the tire All in all, not a terrible maiden flight. It definitely could have been worse. Anyone have any suggestions on keeping the plane straight on take off? Also, the motors didn't seem to be in sink (audibly). After checking with a tach, the motors seem to be within 100rpm of each other. I'm gonna check to see if the ESC's can be synced. Maybe the slight variation of rpm is effecting the takeoff roll, although the previous owner flew it prior to us purchasing it with no noticeable issues.
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