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Originally Posted by lashmett75 View Post
Maiden flight was ok..but he almost lost it on base turn, but powered out of the stall and 2nd landing attempt was perfect. The story i got was he was coming out of a dive for a high speed pass and was unable to pull up out of it. The attached photo shows the end result. This was a guy from the Arizona Model Aviators.
This is almost accurate with some edits.
Maiden flight was lousy. Way out of trim than it should have been. needed ton of right and up elevator. However, yes she did land perfectly for the particular circumstance. (This jet is VERY EASY to land.)
Got her trimmed in for the 2nd flight. Went to high rates on the elevator. Perfect take off, and she was actually flying marvelously. Swung around for a great high speed pass. Pulled up and banked left. All of a sudden she nosed down in a spin. No elevator response for the loooong dive into the ground.
So hey, I got one good high speed pass and one great landing for my troubles.
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