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Originally Posted by cantyman View Post
Yeah...Ive notice this right on there site where they have a few different wieghts for an itean right on its page...the final one is on the price line you click to purchace it..What I think is happening is Hobby King is making money on there shipping charges...without a doubt!!! alll those wonderfully low prices arent so low when the shaft you in the cost of shipping. If someone knows how to file a complaint let me know I will be the first!!!!
Originally Posted by cantyman View Post
You know what...the thought that wieght dosent matter and it just something they do is complete garbage. I think this guy is an employee. The price for just a few grams extra can really add up.....the bottom line is HK is ripping people off. Period!!! But I guess thats the world we live in.....let them them lie to us, cheat even steal! Hey where are those weapons of mass distruction???
Hopefully you're comments are meant as hyperbole, and sarcasm right? I say that as I don't think I've ever seen someone be so upset at a company for making money on shipping. As if that is the most insane idea in the world.

You realize it's usually called shipping and handling for a reason right?

Not many companies, us or otherwise, that don't profit on shipping. Not a thing in the world wrong with that.
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