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Darn Broke-A** Loops

Well broken loops and a little breeze almost cost me my heli today.

Flying around the park minding my own business and I start heading for some trees for some reason, so I goosed the throttle to clear them. Thinking the breeze blew it over there I spun around to head back but all I did was climb. I was thinking it must really be blowing up there so I turned sideways and tried to bank into the wind, but I had no control. Now I am up about 300 feet, out over a fenced in school yard about the same distance, and the more I tried the further out it went. When it was just a speck, I decided to just cut the throttle and let it drop, running back to my truck at the same time.

I am in a residential area and when I got to where I thought the heli fell I started looking up in the trees and was able to find one homeowner who would look in his backyard for me (I don't think anyone else was awake yet). Nothing. I then walked up to the next street over figuring which way the wind may have taken it, and there it was laying in the ally. LUCKED OUT! How it worked it's way between the houses, trees and power lines I will never know because the chip on my video camera ended up full before I went out of control. Would have been a good one.

Only damage beside the loops was a bent up balance bar and broken tail motor.

This leads me to the inevitable fixing of the loops which I just finished and I will try in a few days. Used a piece of brass and epoxy.
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