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Thanks for that link, I got the calculator Stu cooked up from it. I am still wondering if I can use an EDF, or if I will have to come up with some other means of compressing the air. In the reference I posted, they show a roots type air pump. I wonder if I could utilize a scaled down version of a roots type air pump for this application. Of course, I am open to any other ideas that might be presented. I have also looked at maybe cooking up an electric multi-stage axial compressor for this too, but want to take a simple approach until I know there is a payoff. I am also upping my target pressure ratio to 1.3, as they did in the reference I posted. So for example, I need to figure out if an existing EDF can raise ambient pressure by that amount, given the appropriate ducting to capture outflow.

To give some ideas of the benefits of using this kind of system for propulsion, it increase lift dramatically, it reduces drag in a big way, and also is very efficient at producing thrust. So even if you use a thicker wing to accomodate ducting and motors, the drag is reduced so much it won't have an impact on air resistance, and produces negative drag to produce thrust. I want to use a fairly thick profile on a flying wing design, and see what happens. Its a long winter ahead, and this is my cure to seasonal affect disorder.
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