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Originally Posted by Galand View Post
@Gooniac, I imagine that within a your strips all the leds are identical. Are they wired in parallel?
If it does not work, having learned something, it's then back to soldering individual resitors. Anyway it's an interesting issue for a handful of stupid leds.
The strips are not all identical in length but they are in manufacturer. I got them all at Hobbypartz but they range in size from 6 all the way up to 60 LED's. And they are all the same brightness. I guess the one thing that I could do would be to check the voltage at the end of each strip to see what they are doing. But the brightness is the same from each to the other. they are all wired in parallel and I have never had any issues with some being brighter than others.

Originally Posted by hydro_pyro View Post
A few hundredths of voltage drop difference will cause major differences in brightness between LED's, and it's typical for them to vary by a tenth or two. Try it on the bech first if you don't believe me. some of them will barely light up, even amongst identical colors.
The LED's are all the same brightness even with the main battery starting to lose power. They all dim at the same time and come back to the same brightness as well. Again I need to hook up a voltmeter to each to see if there is a difference in voltage but from just looking there is no difference in brightness.
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